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I travel a lot promoting safe tire pressure and the benefits of the Savior250psi On Board Tire Compressor. In my travels I meet very interesting people and visit very beautifully out of the way places. I always ride no more than 50 miles per hour except when I am stuck taking the freeway and when I do, I ride as fast as is legally possible just to get off at the next back road. I take all the less traveled roads.

I will call this Tales from the Trails. If any readers would like to share their motorcycle stories feel free to write and we will add your stories to our web site.

It is easy to head off the beaten path. I don't pay much attention as long as the road I am taking is going approximately the direction I am, it is fine with me. I think that is what makes riding a motorcycle so adventurous.

Sometimes I spot some guy or gal sitting on a bench and I would stop not too far from them and pull out my map. If they offer to help me to find my way, I try to inquire if they are locals and how long they lived in the town. I would then strike up a good conversation with them. Normally they tell me their whole life story. I am always interested in hearing what people have to say about themselves and the town they live in. If they give me their telephone number I always call them when I get back home to let them know how grateful and appreciative for meeting them.

To those I've met, thank you and for those I haven't met,
It'd be great to meet you


I visited this Harley dealer just about 18 miles west of Green Bay WI off HWY 29 in Bonduel.
This is a must stop for any bike rider. Steve & Rhonda operate this unique Harley shop.
They are one of the greatest couple I have met Steve is a talented artist and bike drag racer. There is a museum in their shop with a great collection of old cars and Motorcycles. Outside they have a little zoo. He built this little lighthouse for his mom. Unfortunately she got ill and past on and never got to live in it. It was getting late and I asked him if they had a campground or a motel in the area. Steve said that I would be their guest in the lighthouse. I could not believe their generosity. I offered to pay, but they would not accept anything. The normal rental price is $85.00 per day and it is worthevery penny. I will definitely book it for my wife Viji and I. It is such a romantic hideaway.

Somewhere in Vermont

Somewhere in New Hampshire

If you travel the back roads, you come across lots of lovely Camp sites like this for about $14.00 or less per night. It's worth taking all the less traveled roads. If you are interested in any of these campsites you will need to do like I did, - get lost. You find the best places when you're lost.

Somewhere in Northern Ontario

This is Alastair Burt from Christina Lake BC I met him in Anamosa Iowa

Alastair drove his bike all the way from Christina Lake, BC to the J&P open house June 23th. He built this bike himself with help from J&P. Alastair and his chopper will be featured on the cover of the next J&P catalogue.

Americade 07Nice Truck!

Here is a perfect example of why it is so important to put air in a tire.

Ultra 9,920 km 6,200 miles Metzeler Fat boy 8,160 km 5,100 miles Metzeler

I met this lady in Iowa and she installed her tire same time I did. She had 5,100 miles and I had 9,920 km (6,200 miles) she has a fat boy lot lighter than the ultra and she weighs no more than 130. Lbs. She never checked her tire till I did and her tire pressure was 28 PSI! It call's for 50 psi. The cost of a new rear tire installed is $250.00 USD and the compressor is 198.00 USD. She just bought a new Road glide and trike it and installed a Savior250psi onboard tire compressor first thing.

I met John at the J&P open house. John built this custom Police Motorcycle.  Most of the parts he used to build the bike came directly from the J&P catalogue.  

This is Water Boy from Rapid City SD. He was doing a special native
prayer for my safe return.  Water Boy is also a good artist.  He gave me
this canvas painting he did, of a lone wolf.  Keeping up with my French
trader's roots. We exchange gifts. I gave him my riding gloves and some silver.


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