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Robert Smith WV

"It is a real handy compressor. I notice
better mileage on my rear tire. I never
use to check my tires too often but now
that I got the savior250psi it is much
easier to do. "

George from Laconia NH

Once you got this pump on board, you will have that sense of security. Some times little extra confidence is all you need to start your trip on the right track. Low tire pressure is number one Killer in motorcycling .In the morning when every one is looking around for a gas station to get air. Your done and gone . No more wondering is my tire inflated right?? will I go into a speed wobble the next time twist the Horne's a little to hard. That is the last thing that should be in your mind. Like they say riding is freedom. Freedom is to be independent. To be independent you must be self-reliant. You can't be that if you must always depend on others.

We purchased the compressor in Sturgis last summer. We love this compressor we had a chance to help others with low tire pressure. I notice much better handling when the tires are at the proper pressure.

Larry & Darlene Tobar SD

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