Tire Pressure is so important to the life of a Motorcyclists . It could save your life one day.

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The Savior 250psi Onboard Tire Compressor will allow longer tire life, less downtime, better gas milage and less maintenance costs.

We build the world's first and best Onboard Tire Compressor for Motorcycles. It is simple. We set out to accomplish our mission, Stuart J. Enterprises Ltd is committed to:

Build a tire compressor that works good, easy and convenient to use.  That encourage the riders to maintain proper tire pressure giving the motorcycles better handling save gas, longer tire life, good for the environment and save lives.

The continuous improvement of our position as a leading worldwide supplier to the Motorcycle industry, with emphasis on quality, safety, environmental care and satisfying customer expectations at competitive prices.

Meeting the challenges by always striving for: world-class quality ratings, advanced product engineering, CAD/CAM 3D design, materials technology, thorough engineering testing, outstanding customer service and cost competitiveness.

Enhancing our financial stability to promote a long-term view of the future, thus assuring our customers that they can rely on our determination to "stay the course".
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